Freda throw blue 170x130 cm.

Freda throw blue 170x130 cm.

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Rough plaid with tassels in 50% cotton and 50% viscose in a mix of colours such as blue and grey.

This delightful Freda plaid measures L170xW130 cm and, with its Nordic and rustic look, creates a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere throughout the room. Plaids are almost the epitome of cosiness. They are inextricably linked with a cup of coffee, home-made cakes, cosiness, a good book or film and cool evenings.

They are good to get warm with and to spoil yourself with. Maybe combine the plaid with different cushions so your sofa looks both inviting and attractive.

We have a wide range of beautiful plaids of the most delightful quality. So create a bit of cosiness and warmth in your home with a lovely plaid.