10 ways to create the perfect hygge home

10 ways to create the perfect hygge home

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a word derived from the Danish language that can be described as a feeling of cosiness and contentment. Created in the 18th century, hygge is a fundamental part of the Danish lifestyle and culture.

Have you ever heard the saying, "tidy house, tidy mind?". Hygge encompasses that ideology perfectly by creating a home which is clutter free, and therefore, stress free. Creating a peaceful and welcoming space in your home is key to feeling much happier within yourself and the Danish have captured this sentiment and created their own word for it.

People describe hygge as "reading a book by the window while it's raining outside", or "sitting by a warm fire with a blanket while the snow falls outside your home".

In this article, we'll tell you how to achieve that cosy hygge feeling throughout your home with your decor and design.

10 ways to create the perfect hygge home through decor

1. Add varying textures in your living spaces

Adding cushions and blankets of varying colours, sizes and fabrics create a textured and interesting look, without overwhelming the space. Natural materials such as cotton, wood and wool provide a rustic and cosy feel.

2. Add the right lighting to give a feeling of peace and ambience

Candles and lanterns, as well as soft lighting from lamps, are great for producing a relaxed and welcoming space. Add beautiful candleholders, lamps or unobtrusive pendant lighting fixtures to give your favourite living areas a balanced and cosy look. Try adding some pretty fairy lights around the fireplace or staircase to bring the different areas of your rooms together.

3. Bring the outdoors in!

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with gorgeous houseplants, forcing you to let the natural sunlight in and create a connected feeling with nature.

4. Take a technology timeout

Make time to put your phone or tablet down and really enjoy what's around you. It's too easy these days to find ourselves picking up our phones and scrolling through our favourite social media app, because we don't want to feel like we're missing out. However, when you make some time to go off-grid, you'll realise you've been missing out on so many fantastic things around you which you ordinarily don't stop to take in.

5. Use spaces to their full potential

You don't have to be a millionaire to create great interior design. Take a good look at the layout of your room and think about the functionality you need from it; what purpose does it need to serve? Use this to decide how design can meet that functionality. Could your TV be wall-mounted to give more space below? Could your books be placed on a stand-out bookshelf which complements the room, rather than taking over it?

6. Make a fire

There is nothing cosier than sitting by the fire on a cold winter's night. Get the fire roaring and wrap up in your favourite blanket while reading a book or catching up on your favourite TV series.

7. Get together with your loved ones

An important aspect of hygge is spending time with your family and friends in a relaxed space. Forget formal dinners or forced family parties... get the people you love to join you in your new space and enjoy a bottle of wine or some great comfort food. Making memories and enjoying the present moment is priceless.

8. Declutter your home

We all do it, leaving mail on the side and never moving it or letting our clothes and shoes mount up in the hallway. Get rid of the clutter and make the space enjoyable again. Put your important documents away in a safe and dedicated folder, store shoes and unworn clothes under your bed or in a storage cupboard. There are so many clever, space-saving furniture items available on the market nowadays... take advantage by taking your space back!

9. Recycle and reuse

It's hard to not be conscious of our damage to the planet these days. Make use of items that would otherwise be thrown in the bin and end up at landfill. Recycle old belongings and turn them into statement pieces. Shabby chic is rapidly becoming more popular throughout the UK and anyone can do it! Tutorial videos and how-to guides are everywhere on the web, and there is no better feeling than taking satisfaction in creating something with your own two hands.

10. Stay in bed

Yes, that's right. Every day is so fast paced, we rarely get chance to just relax and not have to be anywhere. Take that extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning, everyone else can wait. Sometimes, we're so busy trying to please everyone else we forget to look after ourselves and treat ourselves to life's simplest pleasures... and who doesn't love a lie in?

Now it's your turn!

We hope our guide will help you to create the space you have always dreamed of. Hygge is a lifestyle many people follow on a daily basis, not only by creating the perfect space at home, but by remembering to look after their own wellbeing. Remember to do the same! For further tips on hygge or interior design in general, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.